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Wine Tanks


We have over 30 years experience in wine tank fabrication and we can meet virtually any needs from small one-off tanks to complete winery projects. Capacities range from less than 1000 litre to over 100,000 litre. Also see our page for brewery and distillery projects.


We offer a complete package, from concept, design and drafting, to fabrication, certification, installation and process control. Our custom plinth moulds are available to aid in the customer in the plinth mounting of our tanks.


Other mounting options include:

Conical bottom, mounted on legs with foot plates
Braced flat sloping bottom


The following options are available:

304 or 316 grade construction including L-grades.
Seismic certification if required
Heating or cooling dimple jackets, coils or channels
Insulation and cladding in stainless or aluminium
Agitator or mixer solutions
Lift-off top for open-top fermentation
Heavy duty Stainless Engineering access manways, top or side
Full range of imported manways, skin doors, valves, sample ports and pressure / vacuum vents
Adjustable foot plates







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