Blenders, Agitators & Mixers


We are experienced in the fabrication of ribbon blenders, featuring single or double helix mixing shafts from small to over 3 metres long and 1 metre diameter. We can supply drive components, seals, bearings etc to suit.

Powder Blenders

We also fabricate conical powder blenders in the following common sizes:

500 kg  |  1000 kg  |  2000 kg  |  5000 kg

Agitators & Mixing Solutions

Talk to us about finding a mixing solution that is right for you. Among others we provide top mounted agitators – central, offset, with steady, multi level etc – and side mounted agitators.

Rotary Jet Mixers

Rotary Jet Mixers are unique in providing both mixing and cleaning functions.
These mixers have proven benefits in brewing, reducing fermentation time up to 40% and aiding yeast recovery.