Stainless Engineering provides all accessories and components to go with the stainless tanks and custom engineering products we create. Whatever you need, just get in touch.

Common components and accessories include:

  • Rotary jet cleaners, agitators & mixing solutions
  • Spray Balls
  • Sight-glasses and level gauges
  • Manways, access & covers – Our signature Stainless Engineering heavy duty round and oval manways for top or side entry, and also a large range of manways, inspection covers, access hatches suitable for a wide variety of applications including pressure and vacuum, corrosive products, and seals to suit.
  • Tank legs and feet – a standard or custom profile
  • Valves and gauges – a fully comprehensive range of valves and fittings including but not limited to Ball valves, single or multi part, Butterfly valves, RJT, tri-clover, BSP, butt-weld connections, Non-return valves, Racking Valves, Pressure / Vacuum vent, Sensor / instrument ports, Seals & gaskets
  • Load cells – we tailor your vessel's foot plates to match your load cell requirements and provide matching plates drilled and tapped to suit any load cell
  • Silo ladders –  aluminium silo ladders to your exact height requirements. Silo ladders include 800mm diameter cage with 1 metre flared extension at top. Ladders are rated for 150kg and exceed standard's specifications and are compliant with regulations.