CNC Laser Cutting

TFC-3015S (3kW) CNC laser cutting machine features a Trumpf TruDisk laser generator, good stability and high cutting speed, high-efficiency anti-reflection function and the ability to cut high-reflection material. Add to that a positioning speed of 169 m/ min – due to a direct servo motor with high torque – and acceleration of up to 2g through adaptive lightweight structure. Accuracy is ensured with a detailed cutting database system.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine Specifications:

  • 3 kW fibre laser
  • 3000 mm x 1500 mm x 120 mm cutting bed
  • Able to cut from 0.5 mm-14 mm Stainless Steel and 1 mm-12 mm aluminum
  • Cutting accuracy of plus or minus 0.1mm/m
  • Loading Weight up to 900 kgs
  • Max output of 3000W

NB – We will not be cutting any Mild Steel, to prevent any cross contamination with Stainless Steel.