Catwalks & Platforms

Stainless Steel Walkway Solutions

We offer fabrication of custom stainless stairways, hand rails, guard rails and catwalks to suit your project. We also offer the supply and fitting of standard aluminium silo ladders. Our access solutions are designed within current standards and regulations.

Permit Walk

Colour-coded Tuffwalk modular catwalks

We offer our own permit walk modular walkway (catwalk) system which can be tailored to suit your requirements. These are built in collaboration with Plaztuff™ hyspec™ polymer products, featuring polymer walkway sections with stainless steel handrails and supports, and feature:

  • Height to customer’s specification
  • Hygienic construction materials
  • Tough non-slip plastic tread 
  • The modular walkway sections allow 3-way intersections (a T-junction)
  • The system readily allows for future expansion and modification.
  • Our unique colour code system helps employees to identify restricted areas with Green = Go, Yellow = Verbal permit, and Red = Full permit required.